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      Surfcoast Remedial Massage & Myotherapy Torquay

"Providing the very highest quality treatment & healthcare"

Treatment Information

 Remedial Massage & Myotherapy Torquay

Your Initial Appointment

Surfcoast Remedial Massage and Myotherapy Torquay uses this critically Important time, to assess what your cause of pain is, and how it can be rectified. 

History taking, orthopedic assessments and testing, Range-Of-Movement analysis and other techniques are used to assess patients cause of pain. 

Causes of pain (Acute and Chronic stages) is typically divided into

 3 main categories:

Myofascial/Dermatome/Myotome (Muscular)

Neuropathic (Nervous/Spinal)

Skeletal/Joint related

Modalities used

Surfcoast Remedial Massage and Myotherapy Torquay effectively uses Myotherapy and Remedial Massage manipulation techniques, Kinesio taping and other scientifically researched methods to ensure you are treated effectively.

We also provide exercise physiology to ensure you are not only receiving physical therapy, but addressing muscle weakness as a major cause for ongoing pain and dysfunction.

Post Treatment

Surfcoast Therapeutic Remedial Massage and Myotherapy Torquay has uploaded a series of videos and exercises, and carefully chosen diagrams and our very own videos, produced with the generous help of our clients.