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      Surfcoast Remedial Massage & Myotherapy Torquay

"Providing the very highest quality treatment & healthcare"

Treatment Modalities / Remedial Massage

Massage is scientifically proven to provide a balance between our mind, how we feel, restoring spiritual health and a healthy cohesively working musculo-skeletal system.

Surfcoast Therapeutic Massage Torquay applies experienced and highly skilled treatment, which we pride ourselves on delivering.

Remedial and other Therapeutic Massage Modalities improve mental health, performance in sport, increased mobility, reduced muscular and joint pain, and relieve stress, tension and to treat other health-related issues such as anxiety, depression, and Insomnia, just to name a few. It simply enables the bio-mechanics of the entire skeletal and muscular system to work cohesively.

Surfcoast Therapeutic Massage Torquay uses sophisticated modalities to treat all of the above, including:

Deep tissue massage (DTM)

Acupressure/Trigger point Therapy (TPT)

Muscle Energy, Active/Passive Release Techniques (MET, ART and PRT)

Kinesiology and rigid joint and soft tissue taping

Remedial Massage Techniques

Postural Correction

Sports Massage and Injury prevention/management

Myofascial Release Technique (MRT)

Relaxation Modalities including Reflexology

Depression and Anxiety Disorder massage therapy

(A slow and non-specific method to aid increased endorphin and lymphatic flow)

Swedish/Remedial Therapies

A more specific type of massage, also referred to as Remedial Therapy, is aimed at treating specific sites of pain/tightness/tenderness and muscle fatigue or muscle bundle shortening issues. These treatments quickly and effectively offset lack of range of movement and increase performance of the body’s bio mechanics and overall function. The key to successful remedial treatment is a sound knowledge base of anatomy and physiology principles, and location of origin and insertion points of all tissue, to generate the best outcome for the treatment provided. At Surfcoast Therapeutic Massage, we have the knowledge base and skills to perform this treatment efficiently. 

Relaxation Therapies are extremely beneficial, as it's use aims to solely "relax" the receiver, applying minimal pressure and at a much lower speed. The superficial muscles are relaxed whilst the superficial skin is also warmed to effectively encourage blood flow to superficial muscles and aid lymphatic flow, hence drainage. This is a highly effective method of massage therapy for persons suffering severe Depression, Anxiety and other mental-health-related illnesses. This technique is considered a "holistic approach" using the effleurage technique of flattened, hand strokes upward from the feet. This moves lymph and scientifically relieves stress and generates relaxation.

 Sports Massage

Sport Massage is a fast-flowing, more vigorous technique, that is aimed in Pre-sport activity to stimulate blood and lymphatic flow, and effectively "stimulate" the tissues of the body before stretching and activity takes place. This stage is absolutely critical in the prevention of soft tissue injury, and preparing the athlete for essential performance. The treatment will vary dependent on the sports activity that has taken place, whether there is "repetitive movement" including basketball (twisting and turning), or golf, where the exact same muscles are utilised during each golf swing and impact. Jonathan's extensive experience working at the elite A.F.L level (Western Bulldogs) gives our clients very good reason to feel confident in the treatment provided. The key with experience is knowing what sports use what tissues of the body, and understanding recovery processes, hence corrective treatments.

 Acupressure and Trigger Point

Acupressure is extremely effective, and is derived from the Yin and Yang principles of Chinese massage. Its purpose is to create an effective balance of Qi, by ensuring all organs of the body are working at their peak to provide good health as a system whole. Acupressure is the use of single digit (1 finger or 1 thumb) pressure that is applied to many specific sites, that stimulate a neuron hence having the desired effect on a particular organ of the body. These also in turn help offset tight muscles at its point of both origin and insertion, stimulating blood flow quickly and effectively where it is needed most. To achieve this, Jonathan has completed several workshops and coursers to confidently locate many of the common points of trigger in the body, in particular the areas common to pain.

 Strengthening & Stretching Techniques

Our practice not only provides technical soft tissue manipulation therapies, but we incorporate specific exercises which are tailed to the each and every patient to help develop balance, soft tissue strength, power and conditioning, to support the joints and skeletal system. 

This is absolutely essential for long-term health benefits and continual patient care.