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      Surfcoast Remedial Massage & Myotherapy Torquay

"Providing the very highest quality treatment & healthcare"

Initial Appointment - Remedial Massage and Myotherapy in Torquay

Initial Appointment & Treatment Information

 Remedial Massage Torquay

 Sports Massage Torquay

 Myotherapy Torquay

At Surfcoast Therapeutic Remedial Massage and Myotherapy Torquay, our experience in natural health modalities, both theoretically and practically, means your muscular tightness, pain, and range of movement issues can be corrected confidently and effectively.

The Initial appointment is a really important opportunity to discuss your needs, and what you expect to gain from your treatment.

A thorough history is taken to understand your injury and how best it cant be treated.

  • History take and carefully record patient-practitioner discussion
  • Assess posture, pelvic positioning, scoliosis evidence and pelvic/sacral instability
  • Perform Orthopedic Testing where required - to achieve diagnosis/cause of pain and Range of Movement (ROM) restriction
  • Palpate - to diagnose muscle "end feel" (tightness, restriction)
  • Perform highly effective soft tissue, joint mobilisation and "joint play" treatment, including Cupping, Myofascial pain Dry Needling
  • Perform and provide stretching and strengthening exercises to do at home and work
  • Perform Kinesiology and postural correction taping as required
  • Seek follow up feedback as required post consultations to gauge patient recovery/progress

Surfcoast Therapeutic Massage and Myotherapy Torquay provides a professional clinic in a spacious, comfortable environment for manual therapy, strengthening and post treatment exercises.

The injuries and muscle pain types listed below are some of many that are treated by our practice:

Around 90% of our patients have a lower back, or a ongoing headache complaint - which is primarily caused by a "forward head" posture through excessive poor posture. Forward head posture can then cause a common ailment referred to as Anterior Pelvic Tilt (ATP). The key to managing this is bi-lateral strengthening and conditioning of key tissues that stabalise

We assess your pelvic position and provide effective treatment and ongoing management for this common condition

Are you taking over the counter or prescription pain relief on a regular basis, to get through the day? Are you stressed? Suffering mental illness?

Surfcoast Therapeutic Massage Torquay uses sophisticated modalities to treat all of the above, including:

Deep tissue massage (DTM)
Static and mobile Cupping
Acupressure/Trigger point Therapy (TPT)
Muscle Energy, Active and Passive Release Techniques (MET, ART and PRT)
Remedial Massage Therapy Techniques
Sports Massage and Injury prevention/management
Myofascial Release Technique (MRT),
Relaxation Modalities including Reflexology
Sports Kinesiology Taping

Hypertonic tissues cause the activation of trigger points, and are commonly located in various parts of the middle, upper back, the neck and other hyper-tonic areas. Pain can often be referred. This will only cause more pain and reduced range of movement over time.

Whether you are an office-based worker, an elite athlete, weekend sports participant, surfer, golfer or someone who is inactive, massage is of benefit to everyone, hence we all need it! 

We believe massage should not be for a small segment of the community, but be readily available for anyone, no matter what your financial situation or disposable may be.

Surfcoast Therapeutic Massage Torquay offers a mobile-based practice, therefore we can come to your home, motel, resort, B&B or the workplace. This enables our clients, suffering from chronic pain, or the local holiday maker more flexibility and convenience. Please enquire about the additional fee, depending on your location.

Massage is scientifically aimed and proven to provide a balance between our mind, how we feel, restoring spiritual health and a healthy cohesively working musculo-skeletal system.

Surfcoast Therapeutic Remedial Massage and Myotherapy Torquay applies experienced and highly skilled Remedial Massage treatment.

Remedial Massage, Myotherapy and other Therapeutic Massage modalities improve mental health, performance in sport, increased mobility, reduced muscular and joint pain, relieve stress, tension and to treat other health-related issues such as anxiety, depression, and Insomnia, just to name a few.

It simply enables the bio-mechanics of the entire skeletal and muscular system to work cohesively.

We currently service several corporations within the Geelong and Surfcoast regions, and hope we can be of service to you. This is proving to be a success for employee production increases, raising morale levels, reduced workplace costs and injury, and creating a healthier, happier working environment.

Surfcoast Therapeutic Massage Torquay is strictly professional clinical muscle manipulation therapy only - as per the code of ethics and standards of the Massage Association of Australia (MAA).